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About Us


Energy and water are two great pillars of civilisation. How these resources are used and managed can have far-reaching implications for people, businesses, economies and ecosystems.

Our mission is to provide solutions that optimise the management of water and energy, unlocking their full potential while prioritising sustainability.

The company's inception was rooted in academic research focused on energy trading and smart grids. Since then, we have expanded our offerings to encompass a range of smart metering and utility management solutions, covering water, electricity, and gas.

Staying true to our roots and our mission to constantly evolve, we continue to collaborate with research organisations to explore and develop cutting edge technologies.

Our strength lies in our highly qualified and experienced team. Our in-house developers and engineers are constantly innovating and refining our solutions.

We strive for strong, symbiotic business partnerships and offer custom tech solutions for our clients that are aligned with our vision and values.


Our focus comes from a clear understanding that water and energy systems are threatened and changing. The steps we take now can contribute to a prosperous and sustainable future.


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