About Us

We are a smart water and electricity metering and management service provider. 


Switch was started in 2018 to address the need for advanced yet simple utility metering and management solutions designed for modern water and electricity systems.  

Switch was founded on academic research into peer-to-peer electricity trading in networks with distributed renewable energy technologies. Due to a significant need for smart metering solutions with a simple App interface, Switch has grown rapidly in the South African private utility space. 

Our utility billing and management platform is designed to assist property managers, utility managers and property owners with measurement, billing and revenue collection services.


Central to what we so is environmental sustainability. Our planet's water systems are strained and our energy systems are carbon-intensive. We aim to address these issues by enhancing water and energy efficiency and by building decentralised systems that utilise low-carbon renewable energy technologies.

Switch differentiates itself with value added features such as leak and burst detection with alerts, smart geyser control, peer-to-peer electricity trading, demand side management, mobile App user interface, geyser scheduling and utility bill verification. 

Switch aims is to give property owners and managers the tools to manage water, electricity and gas and collect revenue from consumers while minimising revenue and utility losses. 

To learn more about what we do, why we do it and how we can help you, please contact us.