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Smart Metering

Smart Metering enables consumers and managers to gain insights into energy usage patterns, helping them make informed decisions to optimize efficiency and reduce costs.


Companies benefit from improved accuracy in billing, quicker detection of faults or leaks, and enhanced overall utility management. The technology also facilitates the integration of renewable energy sources and supports sustainability initiatives by promoting energy conservation.

Smart metering contributes to a more responsive and resilient energy infrastructure. The data collected from smart meters enables utilities to better predict and manage demand, leading to a more reliable and adaptable energy grid. Overall, smart metering plays a crucial role in advancing the modernization of the energy sector, promoting sustainability, and empowering consumers with greater control over their resource usage.

Smart Metering Features


Smart Metering

Pre & Post-paid

Dynamic Tariffs

In-App Digital
Pre-paid Wallets

Energy Trading Solutions

Mobile & Web App

Live usage Monitoring & Alerts

Load Management & Control

Mobile App

  • Live view of water and energy usage

  • Pay for utilities

  • Leak and burst sensors with alerts

  • Earn from selling excess energy

  • Schedule & control geysers 

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Live Usage View

with Alerts

End User Interface

Wallet Page.png

Prepaid Wallets with

instant power on/off

Liquid Bubbles
Admin Console Mockup.png

Admin Console

  • Management Overview

  • Live usage & production insights

  • Instant alerts

  • Billing & reporting

  • Common area & losses insights

  • Revenue collection

  • Accounting software integration

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