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Green Energy Turbines

Switch Energy Trading Console

The Switch energy trading console enables users to aggregate privately sourced generation and distribute it to off-takers in a way that balances supply and demand and provides the necessary data to the municipal grid operator to align reconciliations and billing. 

Image by Matthew Henry

The Switch energy trading console is designed to manage the entire energy wheeling process right from metering and measurement though to allocations, reconciliations, billing and reporting.


The platform enables relevant stakeholders associated with a trade to access the platform so extract information relevant to their utility management and billing operations. For example, an energy trader, matching and allocating private generation and consumption across a grid, would be able to give the municipality access to the allocation and recon data, enabling the municipal utility to align on transactions adjust utility bills accordingly. 


The wheeling console simplifies the wheeling process and acts as a single source of truth which reduces risk for all stakeholders that are affected by an energy wheeling transaction. 

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