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Smart Water & Electricity Management
for Tomorrow

Our mission:

To create a sustainable, low-carbon future using smart water & energy management solutions and enable electricity trading in networks with decentralised renewable energy technologies. 



Water and energy systems are constrained and changing.

We offer utility management solutions for modern, decentralised, low-carbon, utility systems.

what we do

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Water & Electricity Metering
Financed Borehole Solutions
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Smart Geyser Controllers
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Energy Storage Integration
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Peer-to-peer Energy Trading
Renewable Energy Integration

mobile App

  • For end users

  • View live water and energy usage

  • Pay for utilities

  • Leak and burst sensors with alerts

  • Earn from selling excess energy

  • Schedule & control geysers 

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Admin Colsole

  • For utility managers

  • Live network overview

  • Manage & track revenue collection

  • Manage users

  • Accounting software integration 

  • Reporting

  • Identify leaks and bursts

  • Track utility losses

Water Metering


Electricity Metering

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